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Posted on November 29, 2012 by Arianna Pistorello

For the first time in Padova, Christian Dior Cosmetics in collaboration with Beghin, opens up a temporary perfume shop. From November 28th until December 24th you can take advantage of constant presence of experts in beauty treatment and make up straight from CD’s headquarters.  For perfume lovers also, over the entire range of fragrances for men and women, there will be the opportunity to try and buy the exclusive fragrances that are usually found only in institutional boutiques  like Forever And Ever Dior, Diorama, Diorling, Dioressence  and Eau Fraiche. Those precious fragrances that represent the history and career of  Monsieur Christian Dior. Throughout this period I will be supporting the Dior stuff. So pass by or stay tuned,  I will try to unravel secrets and tricks in order to make you live your most “beautiful” Christmas.




Posted on October 25, 2012 by Arianna Pistorello

Inspired from the ancient ritual called Saho, the Japanese tea ceremony that sets rules for an unforgettable guests entertainment, Kanebo creates  a real cleaning protocol to be used everyday. After many years in the perfumery branch, I never had the opportunity to try the double cleaning made by this exclusive and prestigious brand. The occasion? The presence of the Kanebo expert at the shop for an entire week. Amazing experience, after trying it,   I have decided that this is my favourite cleaning routine. The only luxury process that becomes necessity. During the week, I received two samples: a product phase one, it could be a milk, a cream, a gel or an oil. These can be chosen according to skin type but favoring the search for a sensation. This phase is used to “strip” the skin from all impurities such as sebum, smog which is deposited on our skin during the day. This is followed by a phase two which is used to “wash” the skin and carries out a micro-exfoliation. This process makes the skin smoother in a few days. Brighter and ready to receive any kind of treatments, face gets illuminated and refreshed. Kanebo two steps is also great for the man, the only recommendation is to use very little product, because it is extremely concentrated. Cleaning is only Kanebo, the rest is cleansing.


Posted on October 2, 2012 by Arianna Pistorello

Full time, hard work. My children to look after:  take them to school, take them home. Extracurricular activities and more. I’ m always in a hurry but at night I take my opportunity to do things that during the day I can barely imagine to do; studying, writing, and  sleeping hours are missing and fatigue is written in my eyes. During one of these crazy weeks, something amazing happened. An invitation, a date with a real man! My first thought is not for the dress to wear or the hair but for my ailing eyes. The next morning, a Saturday, I ran to my colleague who “delivers miracles and advices” shouting her:-  give me something to resurrect a  dead.  Without any hesitation she reaches the shell and takes out a jar of SKIN CAVIAR LUXE EYE LIFT CREAM. More firming than anti-wrinkle, intense lifting effect, deep moisturizing and overall flash beauty look. I apply it there, in the store, hoping for a miracle. My day begins; customers, advices, chat with habitues, a make up one after the other. Sometimes I look in the mirror: the effect of this cream is amazing hour after hour. In the evening, I don’t look like a person who worked 8 hours, but some girl that just got back from holidays. Closing time and I run home. It’s time to get ready for my evening. Dress, 12cms heel (my other passion), smoky eye!

With my car I reach to the appointment, he is already there waiting for me.  He approaches, kiss on my cheek and  “You’re beautiful, but did you go to work today?”.  I own a big favour to my colleague.


Posted on September 17, 2012 by Arianna Pistorello

Today I pretend to be a customer, and with my colleague’s beloved support, I am supervised by the Chanel  perfume “trainer”. He especially came from Paris for a three days event dedicated to the launch of Coco Noire. He is very polite, and while smiling he greets me with a compliment about my haircut. A brief exchange of funny jokes and he begins spraying all around the new fragrance created by Jack Poge (nose perfumer for the Maison since 1978). What an experience! A completely new oriental / bright fragrance , a new generation essence, an intimate and sophisticated scent that has not the same old “leave the sillage” kind of perfume’s diffusion. Coco Noir is strong but not annoying, clearly perceived and embraces generously persons near you. The woman who is wearing it does, for sure, not flaunt her femininity.  The Chanel’s  perfume “trainer” also shows me the bottle. Same bottle of N.5, cabochon cap, commissioned by Mademoiselle,  but in molten glass: a  process inspired by Venetian glass masters. Completely black and gold holds, the bottle is encasing Chanel’s symbols par excellence.  Embraced by compliments and fragrance today I feel like stoned. Stoned like a kite, noir kite.

Photo: our counter ready for the presentation.



Posted on July 26, 2012 by Arianna Pistorello

On August the 1st, with a world contemporary presentation, it will be unveiled what is going to be the new Chanel myth: Coco Noir. A bouquet of tonka bean, patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla bourbon with a hint of white musk. When I wore it during the staff presentation I simply fell in love and I asked for another dose. The immediate perception of the Chanel charm is linked to the image of a young woman, elegant yet dynamic. In some European cities like Paris and Madrid, the new fragrance will be available middle of August. In Italy the official date is set for September the 15th in twenty selected stores, scattered throughout the peninsula. During the week of September the 3th till the 10th there will be an exclusive preview where Chanel Perfumes fans can try the newborn. Book it and spread the secret.



Posted on July 10, 2012 by Arianna Pistorello

PhotoShop not only is a program that retouches images but also the final result of this luxurious line by Givenchy. The Photo’ Perfexion Cream is one of my favourites products. I use it when I work on professional maquillages, for important events like photo shootings or when I want to impress my beloved clients. It has a very fluid texture, it delivers an extremely natural finish. The Skinperfector Complex contained  doesn’t leave any imperfection, it softens wrinkles, refines the skin tone while  the Lightin Complex erases every mark. I habitually spread it with a specific brush finishing up with fingers to improve the covering. Givenchy Cosmetics recommends to use this product also on eyelids but I appraised by chance that this possibility  depends on the case. A SPF 20 makes it perfect to face life in the city protecting from sun, pollution, free radicals. Continue Reading →


Posted on June 25, 2012 by Arianna Pistorello

Who among us has ever dreamt of leaving everything and go away? This is an extraordinary, romantic and brave story. About 30 years ago there was a beautiful german girl named Birgit Grein. Birgit was suffering from psoriasis and not even cortisone was able of curing her illness. Some doctors suggested  moving to a warmer country and between all the options she had, she chose St. Barthèlemy. A volcanic island, a pearl in the Caribbean sea, 25 square kilometers of earth, 22 beautiful beaches, numerous boutiques.  In the evening the whole island is caressed by a sweet tropical breeze and anywhere the local music is mixing wiith the perfume of vanilla and spices. Easily the northern girl found her paradise there. One morning her “Vespa”  left her in trouble…what a fortune! The guy that stopped for help was Hervè Brin, a native of the island. Friendship came naturally: Birgit soon told him about her illness and the reason why she had moved to St. Barth. By coincidence Hervè’s grandmother was an Indian Harawak ( a population established in the island in the 17th century), she was a woman that used herbs as medical cure.
Birgit met the famous grandmother and recovered from psoriasi : enthusiast about it, she started sharing her secret with her friends. Hervè and Brigit fell in love and started working together on the production of this portentous oil which soon made them famous.  In 1983 the couple opened a small boutique,  very close to the airport. The very first cosmetic products of La Ligne St. Barth were there sold. The success was so big that in 1993 the distribution started in Europe and Usa. Continue Reading →


Posted on June 6, 2012 by Arianna Pistorello

There are people who are born free. Intellectually and physically free. There are people who see forms and possibilities where all others don’t. This kind of  people normally succeed in feeling home almost anywhere, because the world belongs to them. Serge Lutens is of those fellows. He was born in Lille the 14th March of 1942. From the very beginning of his life he gave outlet to his creativeness freeing himself from ties of roads already marked;  he left school early and started to work as apprentice side by side with the most famous hairdressers in town. At  sixteen he engraved on clientele his very personal style getting a reputation:  strong criticisms from the conservatives  but  unconditional admiration from those who knew how to see behind appearances. In 62′ he  started  to collaborate with Vogue  that commissioned him the creation of jewels and objects for  prestigious columns. At  the same time magazines of international fame competed to have him on board. His career rapidly raised and soon Lutens collaborated with Dior Beautè to the creation of a revolutionary line of make up. In this period he also discovered Morocco, which will be one of his biggest inspirations. In the ’73 the Guggenheim Musuem in New York exhibited his photos, in ’74 he released his  first film as director which gained the Gran Prize at the International Film Festival sponsored by Unesco.

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Posted on May 25, 2012 by Arianna Pistorello

It ‘s  a magic potion divided into 9 small bulbs wrapped in a white case enclosing a softblack foam lined with bright nuggets. To be generously spread all over your face with a luxurious black brush (included). This innovative and effective texture aims to enlighten, unify and regenerate skin in just one step. Single doses  make it less necessary  use of  preservatives and water leaving more space for active ingredients and making of this potion a particularly effective, concentrated formula. It illuminates through a powerful active substance that has a peculiar ability to receive and reflect light amplifying it thus eliminating the appearance of dull and opaque skin. A special extract of elderberry eliminates the action of free radicals, the result of cellular stress and tarnish,  giving  skin a healthy and bright look. Continue Reading →


Posted on May 15, 2012 by Arianna Pistorello

Aix en Provence, early 60’s. This is the story  of a woman; rebellious, obstinate, brilliant. Annick had been studying  music  for many years forced by her  family  and her talent could lead her  to a great career . Very young, only 16 years old,  she suddenly follow her rebellious spirit and  run away from her home,  the piano, eight brothers, his father cake shop. She settles down  in England where, for some years, she is a model but she is waiting for the occasion that changes . After a fashion show indeed,  during the after party, Annick Goutal meets a perfumer of the Maison Robertet . It’s  a true revelation and the discovery of a vocation.  That day she understands to possess a great gift,  her “Nose”.  The young woman is finally  reconciled with her soul: “I have found again what I had lost. It is just  translated in another dimension  but the meaning of words is the same: notes, accords, touch, organ.”  A long period of initiation, during which she learns the art of the work,  lead to “Folavril” (flower of Boronia and Jasmine on a  base of Mango) . The  following year  it’s  the turn of  “Eau d’ Hadrien”, success is immediate and unexpected. Continue Reading →


Posted on May 4, 2012 by Arianna Pistorello

Everything began around 50 years ago in a NASA laboratory where he was developing a routine experiment. That day something went wrong and scientist  Max Huber remained involved in an explosion; flames burned his hands and face in a brutal way that were suddenly cured in a traditional way  without great results. Huber’s innate love for  sea pushed him to look for a proper help in its depths. Sea drone particularly attracted his attention for its extraordinary abilities to regenerate, for its nourishing characteristics and for the unbelievable power to hold back hydration. For 12 years and more than 6000 experiments, Dr. Huber picked up these algae and mixed them to simple and pure elements as kick, magnesium, potassium, iron, leticine , vitamin C and  B12, oil of citrus fruit, eucalyptus, germ of wheat alfalfa, sunflower. So it begins a delicate bio fermentation feed by light and sounds that last 4 months which originated “Miracle Broth”, a miraculous balsam that renovated his skin and gave it a better appearance. Needles  to say that relatives and friends start to ask for the cream and history spreads all over the world. The Myth of the Miracle Broth was born.

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