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Posted on May 15, 2012 by Arianna Pistorello

Aix en Provence, early 60’s. This is the story  of a woman; rebellious, obstinate, brilliant. Annick had been studying  music  for many years forced by her  family  and her talent could lead her  to a great career . Very young, only 16 years old,  she suddenly follow her rebellious spirit and  run away from her home,  the piano, eight brothers, his father cake shop. She settles down  in England where, for some years, she is a model but she is waiting for the occasion that changes . After a fashion show indeed,  during the after party, Annick Goutal meets a perfumer of the Maison Robertet . It’s  a true revelation and the discovery of a vocation.  That day she understands to possess a great gift,  her “Nose”.  The young woman is finally  reconciled with her soul: “I have found again what I had lost. It is just  translated in another dimension  but the meaning of words is the same: notes, accords, touch, organ.”  A long period of initiation, during which she learns the art of the work,  lead to “Folavril” (flower of Boronia and Jasmine on a  base of Mango) . The  following year  it’s  the turn of  “Eau d’ Hadrien”, success is immediate and unexpected.

In 1980 Annick  opens her first small boutique at  Rue Bellechasse in Paris.  A nest that will assist to the  growth of a prestigious Maison chosen  by all the people that prefer  authenticity to appearance ,  artisanship to standardized production. In 1985 Annick Goutal’s fragrances are  known all over  Europe and in only one year they gain the prize of “Excellence Europèenne”. In 1990 the United States and the rest of the world are conquered too and 7 years later  “Grand Amour” , the perfume she designed for  herself  was born.  “Grand Amour” is dedicated to her beloved husband and means serene passion, tranquility, love

Same year, another perfume. “Eau  Du Sud”  tells about her trips in Provance  and in Tuscany. The thoughtlessness of summer, the heat of the sun and the long evenings when  daylight seems to last forever.  1998  is the year of “Petite Cherie”  which is inspired by her daughter. PC is a yield-in bloom fragrance made with vanilla, fishing, pink muscat and just cut grass that evokes  purity and audacity.

In 1999 it’s time of  “Soir Ou Jamais”: the conclusion of an  Annick Goutal’s  idea she was working on for 13 years. A cocktail of 140 secret essences she uses to recreate the perfume of an only rose she smelled , by chance, in the garden of a priest when she was young. In the same year, after a long illness, the obstinate one,  the talented and reconciled with life Annick Goutal  dies. The inheritance of 25 incomparable fragrances goes to her daughter Camille and to collaborators like  Isabelle Doyen that with love and devotion remain faithful to the values of Annick.  The representation of lived emotions rather than following fashion and tendencies is still, stronger than ever,  the heart of AG perfumes.