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Posted on August 10, 2012 by Isabella Cecconi

Notes from my thoughts book: Jyväskylä . It’s cold and rainy but I smile and I cheer to the woods. The lake region is marvellous, and canoing has never been so sweet. I’ve realized that Finnish people swallow gallons of good coffee and nice Pullah, cinnamon bread with cardamon. The sugary pastry melts in my brain as I think of Alvar Aalto, his wife Aino, their home in Muratsalo that surrounds me now. A tiny and cozy nest on a lake, where they used to have sauna, ride their wood boat or drink tea and put down some sketches amd of course experiment. This house is a total architectural experiment. Every room, every corner. Alto’s kids still live in this house and I, was fortunate to pay a visit. Alvar Aalto, one of my favourite architect and designers. A master of contemporary. The house is surrounded by a small wood and while I stroll in the property I eat wild blueberries. I didn’t put the right shoes on so I’m wet and my feet are drenched with water but seeing Alto’s chair or first project on paper makes my day. Finland is at the moment a tranquil place, as I said before, silence is sovereign but good hearts seems really easy to find. Adventure awaits, still going up north.