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Posted on November 13, 2013 by Editorial Staff

He is in every collection that really matters. His signature pastel colored panels are dreamy, calming and remind us of his beloved California. Los Angeles, where he was born in 1982, is his main inspiration. Israel, who started his career as assistant to Jason Rhoades, creates art that riffs on Hollywood culture and the cult of celebrity. His  installations and videos are focused on symbols, from sunglasses to director’s chairs to celebrities. Lens, for example, was an installation at Laxart that consisted of a 2 meters sunglasses lens made of UV-protective plastic. Israel is a sunglasses freak ( he is the founder of Freeway Eyewear, a Los Angeles-inspired sunglasses brand) and find poetry in the way they change our view, block our eyes from others and make us rich, powerful, mysterious. A concept that is represented also in his Self-Potraits series, featured here. Keep checking his work, he is a raising star.