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Posted on April 30, 2014 by Clara G

The dress is sustaining the body: the body is not totally alive. The girl has suffered: suffering has made her beautiful and strong. She is not human anymore: she is a fantastic creature. Romanticism, lust, poetry, determination, power, a deep desperation, feelings of intense life, but as all the colors together bring black, too intense feelings drive to dead.A certain arrogant attitude, a feeling of superiority and an unexpected sense of humor… he was like all the genius are. I always perceived he was involved in a sophisticated personal revenge, dressing women to make them immortal, unreachable beyond violence and pain. For too many reasons I feel connected with Alexander McQueen, since he started in Givenchy I was overloaded, hypnotized, inspired for months with every collection. He touched my heart with his magic and cold fingers, his brilliant imagination. I own two of his pieces, both are exactly as I thought: you don’t really wear them, they wear you.

This top in the picture is full of references: it is like a corset, but also like having two deep scars, and most of all,  it shows the drawing of the bones underneath. It is totally fixed to the body, in a perfect balance: one centimeter less and the laces will hurt, one centimeter more and the effect wont be possible. Pain, dead, sacrifice for beauty but when you wear it you feel powerful, intense, special.

And today, I see the sporty smiling princess wearing all those conservative dresses and summer coats, most of them made by Alexander McQueen. They are perfectly done, they are even beautiful and looks great: but I feel sad. When your name gives name to a brand, it should end if you end. And die with you.