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Posted on May 6, 2013 by admin

Last week it was launched online at the Badura website. It’s a small film by Silvia Morani that is entitled “Sophie”. Silvia Morani is a genius video artist that loves fashion and it’s particularly skilled in portraying the figure of contemporary woman. With strong references to the golden Hollywood era, the video is the story of Sophie, a young fresh woman that adores her accessories. Commissioned by luxury handbang brand Badura Roma, this video is a small window on special made jewel-purses and features pieces that are worked by wise and expert Italian crafters . The concept of  Badura collection is sewn to measure on an eccentric, elegant and cultured woman that is not scared about quality leather,  precious stones and geometric cuts. Inside and out, the “Badruas” are produced with the maximum care and a spasmodic devotion for details. Watch the story of “Sophie” and discover a true original luxury Italian brand.