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Posted on April 4, 2013 by admin

A new exhibition, Boulevard, by the German artist Hanno Otten is hosted at Janet Borden NY untill the 10th of Mayn.  This is Otten’s fifth exhibition at the gallery, and it continues his visual discourse on the nature of color. Pure vivid color is Otten’s language. In these photograms and photographs, Otten basically dissects color photography and uses the individual elements to create unique images. Lush bands of color comprise the Boulevard Section. These are complemented by Otten’s elegantly composed unique photograms, or Lichtbilder (Light Pictures). Otten’s new work continues to explore the abstract, with new approaches and refinements. These photographs embrace a more organic and personal approach to photography than in his previous studies. Hanno Otten was born in 1954, and lives in Cologne, Germany. His work has been exhibited worldwide, in such locations as Leipzig, Cologne, Los Angeles, and New York.