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Posted on May 30, 2012 by Hobart Fowlkes

I’m Bruce.  I am staring at page 72 of Dostoyevsky’s “The Double: A Petersburg Poem.” On my lap are the “Complete Stories of Franz Kafka.”  I’m very smart. That’s what my teachers used to say, but as I stare at page 72, I don’t really see the words at all because in my mind’s eye I am reliving my morning in my mom’s basement in Newark alone in the dark playing “Grand Theft Auto.”. God I love that game!  People criticize it for its violence, but look at me?  Do I look like someone who would assassinate a hundred innocent strangers because I play too many video games?  In my room I keep a collection of My Little Ponies (because Friendship is Magic.). My best pony friend is “Pinkie Pie” because she is hyperactive and loves throwing parties.  Like me.