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Posted on July 2, 2012 by Hobart Fowlkes

I am Carmela.  My face?  I am happy, no?  Forse you cannot recognize my sguardo di total felicity (is that how you say?). Non importa, I am having a very important business today and my family’s entire inheritance is in jeopardy so i go to see the avvocato but the perfect modo per confrontare adversity is to approach with a bello sorriso.  My dress?  Is too chic?  I think maybe my seno might be to old and pesante to go around senza “boob holder.”. Is that how you say “regiseno?”. I don’t care.  Today is important, and I will face it with fortitude.  “In bocca al lupo, Carmela!” dico io a me stesso.   CREPI CREPI, screams my heart, sending positivity into the Universe.