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Posted on April 29, 2013 by admin

A flapper, a cliché, a person with more heart than brain (is this a crime?). Many things have been said about Betty Boop but let us tell you, and this is a Cut The Ribbon, that she was “only” the first sex symbol ever existed. Yes, the very first woman to be desired by masses, and she was a cartoon created by the genius mind of Max Fleischer and Grim Natwick. Fleischer wanted to create a new character to insert in his “Talkartoons”, a starlette  supposed to dance that was designed on the image of the then famous singer Helen Kane. Natwick, in the beginning, designed a french poddle with the head of a woman but then floppy eared mutated in hoop earrings and the black poddle nose into a girl’s button like perfect nose. Betty was born and she appeared as a supporting character before making her way as a solo star. Her debut is dated 9 August 1930: she soon become “The Queen of the Animated Screen”, the symbol of the depression era and a reminder of the previous, hilarious, jazz era. She was a modern teenager, officially aged 16.  The first fully defined woman in a cartoon and the very first who wore a short black dress, high heels and a garter. Her head was designed like a baby head but her body, her body was a bomb. She was the sexy combination between girlishness and maturity. Ever thought the sweetheart Betty was a record holder? Well, like it or not, she was first in many things. Tolerant, happy and goodhearted, Betty is still one of the enduring brightest star of Hollywood.

Photo: Boop, Bimbo and a friend.