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Posted on December 4, 2013 by Editorial Staff

On  the occasion of the World Aids Day, occurred on the 1st of December, our Cut The Ribbon is all for dearest, lamented and missed Elizabeth Taylor. Dame Elizabeth Taylor, born in Hampstead in 1932, had a fantastic Hollywood career, we all know that. She was a great actress also called “Queen of Hollywood with no ego” or “the most democratic soul” of Hollywood” due to her simple attitude and her love for “people”. When Aids made its appearance in the very first 80ies, fear was everywhere and people linked to people that were developing this disease where everything but showing their support in public. And do you want to know who was the first person in the entertainment industry to stand up and take charge when few were willing to listen? Dame Elizabeth. Since then, Taylor has remained the symbol of the battle and for this reason she was named the “Joan of Arc of AIDS.” Founder of the American Foundation For Aids ( she helped raising 50 million dollars until 1999 … and if this terrible illness is, 35 years later, somehow considered “acceptable” in a way, it’s also because of this solid woman, mother, Hollywood goddess. Her willing to help will always remain legendary.

“I have to show up because it galvanizes people. [They] know . . . I’m not there to sell or gain anything. I’m there for the same reason they are: to get something done.”