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Posted on May 27, 2013 by admin

This cut the ribbon is not dedicated to a person but to an very important Institution  that recorded and preserved some years of Italian life. A very important archive that despite it’s political intent, was a fortune for historians and students. Hours and hours of movies, news, documentaries from all parts of Italy and world, an immense and complete photo-graphical archive: the life of poor people working on fields, the new industry, the monarchy, the war as long as Hollywood stars  getting off archaic planes arriving in Rome to promote their movies.  Istituto Luce was the most ancient Italian film diffusion company and it was founded in 1924 with the intent of promoting education through illiterate people, at the time, a huge part of the population. After 90 years, the political propaganda gets irrelevant if not ridiculous and what’s more intriguing is the beauty of this black and white chronicle of a world that is not existing anymore. The way we were is still available online for everyone who’s interested in seeing and understanding that sometimes, from very bad things, something good can remain.