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Posted on March 18, 2013 by admin

We never did it before. Cut The Ribbon is a colum dedicated to real people but this time Rhoda Morgernstern is a fictional character. So welcome to the land where the real gets very close to the unreal. If you never heard about “The Mary Tayler Moore Show”, you fresh and young kids, this name would totally be non sense but let me just say that it’s time to make some researches and get to who she was. She was the funniest, cleverest and “constantly on diet” girl next door and the very first iconic wise-cracking Jewish New Yorker on TV. She was the beloved “Victorious Loser” and the weekly dose of good humor and wit for a lot of Americans (and European). The Mary Tyler Moore Show lasted a decade but there was a spinoff called “Rhoda” that got 52 millions viewers tuned in to watch “The Victorious Loser’s”  marriage in 1974.  I said 52 millions, do you agree with the Harlows now if we think this is a whole Cut The Ribbon? Valerie Harper, the lovely actress who interpreted Rhoda – and clearly managed the performance in the most natural way- won 4 Emmys, got 1 Golden Globe and has a 4 decades television memorabilia few actors can be proud of. Despite all these years, the young girl working for a window dressing company in Minneapolis and then New York, is still an example of love for life and friendship. A true gold medal that is still today one of the favorite characters ever existed on TV. Get to know Rhoda on YouTube where full seasons have been posted.