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Posted on October 24, 2012 by admin

In May 2011, Kikkerland Design Inc., in collaboration with designer Ariel Rojo and the UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) organized the Mexico Design Challenge. Five finalists were chosen out of 25 participants and their work was presented at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. The objective of the design challenge was to create products for a “real-life” sponsor with a Mexican cultural reference. The contest was open to all students attending the Centro de Investigaciones de Diseño Industrial, at the UNAM which is the oldest university in North America, built in 1551. Ariel Rojo and Stephanie Suarez, designers, used a simple design technique as the basis for the project and the result was the Day of the Dead corkscrew. As november the 2nd is approaching and we’re surely going to drink some wine and toast for the deads, maybe this is a nice object to use. It’s a steel, old-school style and cleverly and creepily designed. Rojo,  challenged students at the school to combine a cultural element or story with a familiar household object (such as a corkscrew). Suarez nailed the assignment with her design and definitely stood out amongst the others. Viva Mexico, Viva los muertos!