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Posted on February 5, 2014 by Isabella Cecconi

I said WOW! When I first saw his pictures. Singaporean photographer and visual artist, Ernest Goh, is a magnificent explorer of the natural world. In his photo book, Cocks, there is a collection of a particular Malaysian breed of chickens, known as Ayam Serama. Goh was awarded in second place in the Nature & Wildlife category at the 2013 Sony World Photography Awards (Professional Competition). He started his career as a newspaper photographer for The Straits Times, Singapore’s national daily, and nowadays  works independently. His shots explore a close relationship between animals and their human masters. Humans anthropomorphize their pets, and Goh has vividly captured these characteristics with realist portraits. Serama are actually bred for competition in Malaysia. They are prized for their size and are real feathered warriors. Goh, as cited in his bio, ‘considers his passion for animals a natural extension of his interest in photographing the human condition.’ I personally consider his photography as impressive!