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Posted on March 18, 2014 by Luisa Fazio

It’s been her thesis project presented at ECAL, the prestigious design school of Lausanne. There isn’t a commercial producer yet, but “Graft” is already a successful eco-idea around the world. Qiyung Deng, Chinese designer, has borrowed the shape and textures of fruit skins and vegetables creating an original disposable, a tableware set. Made from biodegradable plastic produced from raw vegetables, forks and spoons have handles similar to celery stems, tea spoons have handles of a carrot or an orange peel. An artichoke petal becomes the bowl of a spoon, a pineapple leaf is the blade of a knife. Carved in vegetables, respecting ancient Thai art. Deng’s cutlery is beautiful, fresh, innovative, functional and dynamic. Perfect for an elegant table. Are we ready to set aside the good silverware service once? Above all, are we sure  we want to throw away them after use? They are so chic, wouldn’t it be a real shame?