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Posted on October 11, 2013 by Editorial Staff

Hold it With Regard is proud to present some works by Spanish artist Guillermo Martìn (Madrid, 1971). Beauty, romanticism, fragility, irony and a touch of fairy tale: Guillermo’s imaginary world will be published here on The Harlow for four weeks four. Every Friday.

“My drawings are inhabited by these strange beings. Their melancholy comes from a state of lethargy. They are hidden in the forest. They know that is not their time but in any hint of change they will have to put forward their thoughts, their ideas. Then they will be asked to fill the big empty that millions of “nothing” will leave. In these galleries of portraits sometimes recognizable figures appear, writers or artists who have been constructing the secret map of my route and they look coldly at us as if we had betrayed them. Other drawings are like scenarios of a distant operetta. The ones that dance around a story are only masks that emerge from my imagination. But, in any case, all without exception, they escape from the rules of cliché. They are poor dandies who seek, in another reality, what they have been denied in this reality. Intransigent, annoying, beautiful losers, junkies, lovers of the shadows. All of them turn into blue, black, red and ocher. And on paper, as fragile as they are, is where they meet each other at strange gatherings, silent covens where we must go in stealthily… not to bother and not being swallowed. Or we can also proclaim our total love for them and get drunk until the end of all mornings.”

Photo above: La Caída, 2013. Pencil on old notebook paper 13×21 cm

Guillermo’s website:

Galerie Karin Sutter, Basel: