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Posted on June 6, 2012 by Hobart Fowlkes

Hyacinth is speechless.  She stands there in a daze.  It’s a Saturday like any other.  Earlier that morning she texted her fiancé, Hank, to welcome him home from his business trip to Hong Kong, knowing his phone would be on vibrate, but hoping they might get together later.  Hyacinth continued on her merry way browsing the stalls at a street fair in Little Italy, anxiously awaiting the loud “DING” from her iPhone. 

“Was that my phone?” suddenly thought Hyacinth as she was sure she heard the ding come out of her bag.  Yes Yes!!  A Text from Hank,

“Can’t get together today, but I have a really big surprise for you!  A big life changing surprise for you!”

“A surprise??????” replied Hyacinth, on pins and needles wondering what kind of treat might be in store for her later.  The wedding was only a month away, and lately she has been so preoccupied by all the planning.

“What is it?” she inquired, hoping it might have something to do with their honeymoon plans.

After several minutes (that seemed like an hour) came Hank’s reply.  “You’re single now.”

Hyacinth didn’t get it.  It wasn’t sinking in.

“What do you mean?” she finally asked

“It’s over,” he said “No wedding, we’re breaking up.  You can come get your stuff at your earliest convenience, and after that I just hope you have a nice life.  Just don’t call me.  Oh, and try to come by while you know  I’m at work.  Guadeloupe will be there cleaning, so don’t get any crazy ideas about trashing the place or anything.  She knows what is yours and what is mine and I have instructed her to call the cops if you try anything stupid.  But it’s over, Hyacinth.”

Hyacinth stares at her phone.  She is paralyzed.  Her brain temporarily drains itself of all thoughts, and she stands there on the corner of Mott St. and Spring St. like a statue.