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Posted on June 29, 2013 by Teresa Cannata'

Are you in the middle of a wardrobe emergency because you’re packing for your summer holidays and you need a swimsuit that makes you look great? You can calm down and stop freaking out because high fashion is here for you. Maybe you can splurge in the real deal or simply take inspiration from it: whatever the case, this two-tone swimsuit by Lanvin is one of the most refined swimwear pieces I’ve ever laid my eyes on. 



Forget trends, don’t pay attention to animal prints and cut-outs and focus on something which will never look old-fashioned. The combination of navy blue and aqua green screams summer without being clashy; the v-shaped detail on the front, the wide square back and the low cut make it modern yet reminiscent of past fashions. Going on the beach doesn’t mean you’re competing for who’s wearing the tiniest bathing suit. If you feel like wearing a string bikini, go for it, but stop thinking you must wear it because everyone else is. There are many other options for looking beautiful, as there are many different ways for being feminine.

The extremely simple cut of the swimsuit (vaguely scuba-inspired) can be paired to bohemian printed garments, like the Amazigh Garden printed silk beach robe by Athena Procopiou or the Raxevsky colourful harem pants. I never wear hats on the beach but I love using silk scarves: I would surely wear a classic piece by Emilio Pucci or a SuTurno Lluvia silk scarf. Plastic flip flops are super-practical but leather sandals are much more classy: the Semele or Alethea leather sandals by Ancient Greek Sandals would be perfect for completing this outfit. As for sunglasses, my picks are Bianca sunglasses by Tom Ford (in my book of style they’re the best sunglasses ever) or the quirky bottle green shades designed by Linda Farrow for The Row.