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Posted on February 17, 2014 by Luisa Fazio

It requires little care, it doesn’t need to be fertilized nor to mown the grass. It doesn’t suffer from cold or periods of drought. With the arrival of spring, it spontaneously becomes full of wild flowers. In wood and metal, stuffed with expanded polyurethane, coated with “green grass” fabric. It can be enriched, where necessary, from soft and colorful pillows in shape of flowers. It is “La fiorita”: the couch-grass by Gaetano Pesce. Extravagant Italian designer who has engineered for Meritalia and who has been inspired by spring, the most cheerful and coolest season. The time of awakening, optimism, positivity, flowering. Are you ready for a unusual picnic in early spring? It would be ideal to sit back and relax, in complete serenity, barefooted on “La fiorita”.