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Posted on March 19, 2014 by Editorial Staff

Bathrooms and private boudoirs can be heaven. Everybody needs a fine luxurious moment: feeling clean and reinvigorated had never been so easy with these triple-milled soaps, 100% vegetable-based, by Gianna Rose Atelier. More than just soaps, they are romantic creations intended as proper sculptures. Carved, created from the best natural botanical extracts and nurturing emollients carefully chosen to create beautifully molded soaps. Range of perfumes? Wide and irresistible not to mention Gianna Roses’s gift boxes: their exquisite letterpress images are noteworthy. Personally, Harlows fell in love the “Apothecary Collection” but you can experiment the “Soap Couture” yourself by looking, using, smelling Gianna Rose Atelier’s amazing products. Make some space in your cabinets.