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Posted on June 18, 2012 by Clara G

In my heart there will always be a place for a short jacket with big bell-shaped sleeves that I saw in a fashion magazine in the late eighties. I was just a kid haunted by fashion, the designer of the jacket was COMMES DES GARÇONS,  the anti-fashion label inside the fashion world. It was the first time I had seen a piece by COMMES DES CARÇONS. However, I cannot remember at all the first time I heard about LOUIS VOUITTON, the establishment of Fashion. On September 2008, COMMES DES CARÇONS opened a LOUIS VOUITTON pup-up store inside the COMMES DES CARÇONS’ shop in Tokyo, with six bags in very limited edition designed by RAY KAWAKUBO for the 30th anniversary of LOUIS VOUITTON in Japan. I felt in love with one of the pieces, a little multiple handle bag but on top of the price, there was another problem: the item could only  and exclusively be bought personally in the Japanese shop and upon order. No exceptions, no telephone or internet orders were admitted. I then forgot about it (another image in my head). Some months later, it was my birthday, I received a LOUIS VOUITTON characteristic box for present. I could never be able to imagine what was inside, the beautiful eight-handled bag, I was crying for it!!!!! My husband asked a “friend of a friend” with a friend in Tokyo to buy the bag and after months waiting for the delivery,  it finally arrived to Spain, just on time !! And now it is here with me in Berlin. I have used it a lot, it fits with everything from jeans to an evening gown. I really love it, it is my favorite bag ever. It’s my signature piece.


Below: the infamous Tokyo Pop Up Store, and the Eight-Handed bag by RK