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Posted on July 2, 2012 by Clara G

It is one of my last acquisitions. Raf Simons is one of my favourite designers ever and I thought it could be interesting to own a Jil Sander piece, not from his last collection, but from the one that was on the street when I knew he was appointed at Dior. While I’m waiting nervously for his first Haute Couture Show, scheduled for today, I want to show you my new veiled beanie. It was designed in collaboration with English milliner Stephen Jones for the spring summer 2012 collection and it is quite dramatic: it has something to do with an old school spy and also recalls widowhood . No matter how you wear it, with a 50s glamour twist like in the catwalk or in a more casual attitude like in some fashion editorials, there is something mysterious and contradictory about it. It is simple, beautiful, ironic and iconic, it makes you think twice. It’s  the kind of item that should go straight to my closet. Definitely a piece of time.