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Posted on September 13, 2012 by Clara G

In Berlin-Mitte, where I live, there is a fashion shop that is completely empty. The door is open during usual working hours and the shop is huge, with an amazing storefront in a busy street but, it is empty. The only sign of life is a beautiful big vase with fresh flowers on the floor. If you have enough courage to enter the shop (although you will think it is under construction or more likely just abandoned) and you walk through the white space, you will find a spiral staircase. If you go downstairs, finally, in the basement, you will find the clothes in a dark area without natural light and a big projection in the main wall showing the upper floor, totally white and empty. 100% Berlin, here nothing seems to be what it really is. The big adventure is to find it and enter this shop, called Apartment, an iconic place in the City, it’s worth a visit. The selection is amazing and you can also find new Berliner designers. In that magic and surprising place, last year I found a leather top that is now one of my basics, designed by Vladimir Karaleev, a very interesting designer. He is a Berliner from Bulgaria. Like a little girl I wanted to buy the whole collection, but I had to be realistic for once, and I decided to buy this top, which is a little gothic and minatory, but also, modern, confortable and sweet in some way, pure Berlin.