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Posted on June 18, 2013 by Editorial Staff

“I played with birch strips in different thicknesses and hurled them around the supporting structure. In order not to divert attention from the nest of birch strips, I have chosen to make a very anonymous upholstered cushion in a dusty chocolate brown which plays beautifully with the pale birch. It was natural for me that the chair had a soft center to create references to the bird’s nest, that are typically lined with down, to form a confident frame for eggs and chicks!”

Copenhagen based designer Nina Bruun, has created this futuristic Nestle chair with a simple supporting structure consisting  of a bottom, a seat and four stabilizing legs. The seat obviously reminds of a bird’s nest and leaves the viewer with a sense of cozy feeling. The pale birch, in contrast with the chocolate brown of the cushion creates a playful situation and a natural sense of confidence. The idea and its impulse into a piece of furniture are here characterized by clean aesthetics. It seems as if particular priority on the raw material and its quality is given to functional properties. Nina Bruun ability to convey a sense of identity and beauty is astonishing.