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Posted on May 27, 2012 by Teresa Cannata'

Fashionistas and fashion bloggers are so un-imaginative at times! Whenever they see/wear a pair of red shoes, the comparison with the iconic sparkling red pumps worn by Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz is always there. As if those were the only memory-worth red pumps. 

It’s true those sequined pumps are part of collective imagination, but there are other noteworthy red pumps in pop culture, such as those featured in Let’s Dance, a famous 1983 music video by David Bowie. Miuccia Prada is likely to have seen that video before designing these patent red pumps.

Their shape is incredibly feminine – the rounded point; the sleek line; the 5.5 mm crystal-studded heels. They are a retreat from the aggressiveness of sky-high heels and pointed shoes; as a fan of flats, I would totally wear them, because they are both pretty and comfortable-looking.

Do you remember the Bowie video I referred to? Directed by David Mallet and set in Australia, it featured Bowie himself and some young Australian aborigines who discover, experience and then struggle against symbols of Western culture. The shoes serve as a sort of temptation: it’s not a coincidence if they are trampled on by the end of the video. 

The Miu Miu version of the red patent shoes above is impressive: the style has been a bit updated, but everything (even the shape of the heels) still points at their predecessors from the 80s, thus creating an ideal fil rouge connecting the imagery of different decades.