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Posted on November 30, 2012 by admin

Whitney Museum of American Art presents “Sinister Pop”, an exhibition that focuses on Pop’s darker side. While the mainstream movement was making art celebrating the postwar consumer culture, other artists, also embracing the Pop Art, were distorting and criticizing the American Dream.  Jasper Johns, Claes Oldenburg, Ed Ruscha, Andy Warhol, William Eggleston, Peter Saul, Christina Ramberg, and Vija Celmins are few of the artists on display: on their works the protest of a generation that were seeing a distorted American landscape, an exaggerated consumption in the name of capitalism, a growing country that was sometimes forgetting his ideals in order to favor a god called dollar. This silent protest is now represented at the Witheny with a rich and diverse selection coming from the museum’s holdings. Sinister Pop is organized by Donna De Salvo  and by Scott Rothkopf.

November 15, 2012–March 31, 2013

Photo: William Eggleston, (b. 1939), Untitled, c. 1972 (printed 1980), from the portfolio Troubled Waters.