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Posted on December 11, 2013 by Luca Andriani

There is a unique place in the center of Rome, a one of a kind corner, which will probably become one of the most fascinating places and destination for those who have loved and still love La Dolce Vita, The Sweet Life, the Roman historical period (the 50’s and 60’s) characterized mostly by joy, happiness, entertainment. Let’s talk about LA DOLCE VITA GALLERY, a space that collects shots of great photographer Marcello Geppetti. To many of you this name would sound new but in reality, it has nothing to envy to other photographers of la Dolce Vita like Secchiaroli or Barillari. Geppetti  was, indeed, the first example of modern reportage photography. He can be considered the first Italian photographer to have told facts with a capturing eye, highlighting an event triggered within an event itself. His photographic archive is immense and collects photographs ranging from 1958 to 1998; telling the story of Italy within forty years, from the Dolce Vita to the entire First Republic. Thanks to his family, nowadays represented by his son Marco (photographer as well) and three other people’s passion (Andrea, Hilde and Camilla), the gallery has taken shape and substance. As soon as you enter you will immediately be thrown into those years and start a very special journey, punctuated by every single photo that hides stories and anecdotes that Andrea will be pleasured to tell you. This is not a simple photo gallery but a visual experience, also supported  by  great furnishing and original clothes that flank photoshots all the way. I assure you that once the visit is finished, Rome will appear with less secrets. La Dolce Vita Gallery organizes ad hoc projections drawing on its photographic archive. DOLCEVITAGALLERY, the pleasure of living is always here.


photo courtesy of Luca Andriani