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Posted on June 8, 2012 by admin

This exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo  is such a good occasion to present our readers the incredible work of Thomas Demand. Maybe one of the best sculptors-photographers alive, the work of Demand, if correctly interpreted, goes straight to the heart via brain. Born in Muich in 1964, his art is made of photographs of three-dimensional maquettes  that look like real images of rooms and other spaces. He creates life-sized paper-and-cardboard constructions of actually or formerly existing environments and interior spaces with the sole purpose of photographing them with a large-format-camera. It is only this image, executed in an edition of six, the real work of art, the real piece. Demand always destroys his “life-size environments”after he has photographed them and behind his reconstructions there are often social and political meanings. He thus describes himself not as a photographer, but as a conceptual artist for whom photography is an intrinsic part of his creative process. This exhibition at Mot-Tokyo  will be the first in a Japanese museum to present a comprehensive view of Demand’s activities, from his earliest works to his recent film pieces. Tokyo’s folks, go and visit. You’ll not going to regret it.