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Posted on September 24, 2012 by Anna Torossi

Harold Fry is a retired English man living his quiet life in Devon with his wife Maureen. One day he receives a letter from an old colleague, Queenie. She is writing to tell him that she is dying and giving him a farewell. Harold tries to write something as an answer and goes to the nearest mailbox, but he is not satisfied with his decision, so he walks to the next one hoping to feel a little relieved. He then realizes that he just can’t send his poor letter, so he begins to walk and walk, embarking in a trip through England¬† to give the last goodbye to Queenie.

This touching novel, written by Rachel Joyce, has been very successful all over the world. Valentina was so touched by this story that decided to embark on the same trip as Harold, writing on her blog everyday on one of the fundamental themes of the book. Also, she will be posting on her Tumblr ( and Twitter ( accounts photos and impressions of her trip and of all the people she will be meeting. When I heard from her of this great adventure she was undertaking, I was so admired and somehow envy of this experience that I couldn’t help but share it with you all.
Go and follow Harold and Valentina’s trip and be fascinated by this wonderful story.