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Posted on July 10, 2012 by admin

Designer and author Abigail Ahern is a UK well known interior decorator. Her little shop in Islington – London, is a little marvel everyone should visit. Abigail is acclaimed for her trend setting designs that are synonymous of glamour, eclecticism and wit. Internationally renowned, she has redefined the visual landscape with her cleverly mixed collections and regularly contributes to television and radio programmes, magazines and newspapers. Ahern has also created a signature home line which has some frou frou touches we fell in love with. Take her “animal” themed lamps: it’s a stylishly contemporary lightning option with a classy vintage influence. The attractive hand finished ceramic base is shaped to replicate a pretty poodle-bulldog-tucan and features furry leg detail and a contrasting collar. A small, frilly silk lampshade is perched on the animal’s head and adds striking illumination diffusion. Ironic and happy, the perfect object to discover your frou frou side.