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Posted on September 19, 2012 by Anna Torossi

When I was in high school I was surrounded by upper-middle-class conformist teens.  After just one year, or so, I decided to try to be different, to add some twists to the prevailing look en vogue between the schoolboys, to listen to different music and so on. Clearly at the time I did just a little but since then I always dreamed of being in a different place, of being somehow different, more free-spirited and romantic than I was. When I discovered Wildfox Couture I saw that: a brand representing all those changements  I was looking for. With a vintage inspiration, Wildfox fashion makes me think about California, nights on the beach and secrets shared with girlfriends after a wild getaway. Could I ask for more?

The Fall 2012 collection is called “Star Crossed Lovers”: the main inspiration is Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo+Juliet”, followed by 90’s style and being young and in love, just as Romeo and Juliet themselves. One of the items that first attracted me to this brand, which are sort of signature pieces, were tops and sweatshirts. With texts referring to all those inspirations above and to Italy, the homeland of the star-crossed lovers, those tops have a romantic touch and a rock twist. Wildfox Coutoure is then perfect for the girls feeling wild and in love. Poor is the girl who isn’t feeling that way.