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Posted on January 13, 2013 by Teresa Cannata'

As a nail polish addict I like keeping up-to-date on the releases of my favourite brands. Most of the time, they all focus on major trends and it’s rare to find someone who really introduces something unusual. Deborah Lippmann glitters are surely one of the most exciting products ever, but a new protagonist has been rising lately: I’m referring to the one and only Lynn Chrisman, the queen of franken/indie polish, the mind (and hands) behind Lynnderella. Explaining the originality and complexity of her creations is very hard, because their colour combinations, textures and visual effects are so unique that you really must judge by yourself. 

Her latest collection – Groundhog Day – will be released on February 11th, 2013, on her eBay store. In the meantime, here are the eight shades which are part of it.

BRLoveLight is a translucent pastel fuchsia with strong hot pink shimmer and blue flecks. It gives a black or blue nail polish a flakey effect. Blue Rouge contains periwinkle and lilac glitter with pink shimmer. It’s a glitter bomb which looks fantastic on a black nail polish.

PASugared Violet is one of my favourite shades: it has lavender, periwinkle and white glitters in a purple-sparked clear base, along with lavender and white hearts, violet microglitter and pinpoint blue flecks. Parfait d’Amour is another complex shades, combining red and violet glitters, mixed with red hearts and blue iridescent flecks in a strong blue shimmering base. It looks awesome on an electric blue base.

MPCCS.W.A.K. (an acronym which stands for “sealed with a kiss”) contains red, white, pink and gold glitters in a hot pink shimmer base; it also contains pink, white, red and gold hearts. It looks beautiful especially on a white or strawberry red base. Mon Petit ChouChou has a milky lavender/peach base with pink, lavender and translucent white glitter, hearts and flowers.

CLCThe Key to Her Heart has warm pink, coral and gold glitters in a shimmering sheer coral base; it also includes gold, coral, pink and white hearts, sheer pink flowers. Chocolove Cherry is another wonderful glitter bomb polish: it contains brown, red and opaque bubblegum pink glitter (stars, hearts, squares) in a clear base. It incredibly enhances the fiery tones of a red base.

Lynnderella nail polishes are hand-made and can be purchased at the brand’s eBay store only (be aware that each shade is produced in small quantities, so bottles sell very fast). Shipping in Europe and Australia are now available, so this means I need to keep my credit card in a safe place: the temptation of spending a fortune in these beauties is just around the corner!