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Posted on January 9, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

We tend to think about Cecil Beaton for his ethereal, stylishly perfect pictures. We all know he was a bon vivant and an extraordinarily well introduced person. The rich and famous, the glamour, the terrific irony, the epic fashion moments.  Let me call Mr. Beaton an “art machine” because few people I have ideally met had been that fecund. No matter what he was doing: from the sets to the make up and styling, till the flower decorations passing by the creation of special furniture and interior designs, he was delivering beauty, always. That was obtained mainly because Beaton was making it all, and controlling it all. None knows what’s in your mind better than you, how true is that? The sketching? A regular job for Mr.Beaton who  loved spending  time with a pencil in his hand putting down ideas and visions. Drawn in 1948 and commissioned by Zika Ascher for use in his contemporary collection of haute couture textiles, the Cecil Beaton Fabric Collection is just a small part of the genius inside of this big personality. I love the fact that after so many years, that “capsule” is so contemporary and still produced by Beaudesert London. This stunning collection of textiles made in linen, cotton, silk to be coordinated with a series of width wallpapers, is pure art entering through the door with that high  dose of humor few products for interiors ever reached.