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Posted on September 18, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

Sue Kreitzman, the lovely woman you see in  the picture above, is an entrepreneur.  Quite difficult to define her in a different way: she is a curator, a cook  and an artist. “I am an expatriate New Yorker, living in London for many years. I’ve had a long and successful career as a food writer, but something happened in 1998 (I’m still not sure what) and I stopped writing and cooking, and began drawing, painting, and building assemblages instead. It was as if a violent fever had overtaken me (a fever which still rages), made all the more mysterious by the fact that I had never done such a thing before” .Sue, as a curator, is now launching a project called “Dare to Wear”. DtW is a collective exhibition  made by  Wild Old Women, and a few Wild Old Men, revolving around the theme of adornment and fashion. At the gallery located at the London  St. Pancras Church’s  Cript, you will find exaggerated depictions of jewelry and clothing. Talismans, amulets, superstition, story telling, psychological and spiritual armour, disguise, exuberance, weird joy, and – of course – art were the inspiration of this funny collection of items. Think over the top splashed in your face, think about unfettered flamboyance. Kitch, wild, unexpected, imagine a world where art is made to be enjoyed and ready to enter your everyday life. Wrap yourself in a festoon, adorn yourself, have fun. The same kind of  fun the Wild Olds had in creating these objects/works of art.

Butterfly by John William

When I was a teenager I thought I was Virginia Woolf’s Orlando. At 16, as a Go-Go dancer in Liverpool, I would shape shift each night transcending genders and generations and ages. As we shape shifters grow older, sometimes it’s just our hair that changes colour week to week. Right now my eyebrows are pink.”

Kate Bradbury’s staues.

“On my journey to the afterlife, I hope my hands are gloved in splinters, my feet shod in sawdust, and my ears ringed in music. Wrap me in a quilt of flotsam and jetsam sewn together with the threads that fell through my Nain’s fingers.”