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Posted on October 30, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

The colder it gets, the summery I browse. As my colleague Teresa once said, fashion is a dream, a great escapade. Many of us won’t leave winter for a single day for at least three months, can you imagine? It’s Better To Travel, as my beloved Swing Out Sister once sang, at least in our minds. Plenty of writers that wrote exotic books about places they have never been. Plenty of fashion offers for a Sunny season somewhere else. Welcome to the game of cruise collections where the sun shines bright and women goes updated to the very last trend. I remember a good friend who used to go around in cheap clothes. She was so charming everyone was asking what she was wearing. She used to reply ” It’s blablah cruise line”. People were amazed. Not for the designer name she made up but because of that cruise in the end. The cruise is the last of everybody’s necessity, the ultimate promised land: cruise means you can, cruise means you are so bored that you can afford to go shopping for 8 seasons a year. Those were opulent days but the intermediate collection sector is still healthy and good for inspirations. The Gucci Cruise 2013 collection for example, a real surprise. There is freshness and simplicity. All the Gucci iconic pieces are present and they are not just slammed rich dresses. It’s Halstonish, it’s clean and luxurious without loosing in practicalness. It’s very discreet and modern. I wish a Gucci main collection could be as simple and pure as this. If Frida Giannini designed this sensational pieces, then she is just a genius entrapped in a sequined-sexy cha cha cha design routine. Is it the real her coming out only once a year for the “Love Boat” raise of the anchor?