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Posted on February 17, 2014 by Marco Maggetto

Created to be functional and stylish, classic and innovative at the same time. Curated in every single detail and crafted to be “hot” and desirable. The world of accessories is richer and more practical now that there is L’ED. Created by Sara Giunti , born in Rome in 1988 and passionate about fashion and technology, this line purpose a set  of “real”  designer bags made with extra quality leather, with a plus. Inside, there is a treat. No,  it’s not a strange chinese device or a copy of a designer bag made of plastic. The outside of these bags is top quality, while the inside has a led light to help you finding your stuff along with an USB port to charge your laptop, Ipad, Iphone. Avant-garde and tradition, functionality and design, light and energy, different materials all in a perfect tuning: L’ED is a new way of living your everyday life. Discover SS2014 collection: