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Posted on December 20, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

As we approach the end of the world and this may be my last post at The Harlow , give me a break, the Spring Summer clothing is arriving into shops and online shops  dressing windows and giving to this cold landscape some glimpses of positive vibes. The spirit of a new a season, the future again, the project of our lives to be re invented . So the world won’t end tomorrow and Acne is purposing the best stripes you ever imagined. Are you a fan of stripes? I’m one. After some years of classic black and white stripes, beige and black, and black and white, it’s time to change. For Spring Summer 2013 , stripes will be thicker, bolder and separating your body spaces with a new palette. Be ready to archive the old mariner t-shirt and embrace the new stripes. The New Era is coming? Some new stripes are ready.