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Posted on November 20, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

Welcome to the new season. Every time Christmas is approaching, logically, it’s time for us to turn the page and look further on. Our readers, fashion souled and spirited, wink, are already projected in into the next season so here is the beginning of our journey towards mild weather, sun, sea and nature. In case the world won’t finish on December 21st, you will find the marvelous Spring Summer 2013  Peb Collection waiting for you at LuisaViaRoma or other fancy boutiques all over the world. The Peb Clothing company was created in 2008 with the main objective of designing items that don’t follow trends. Simple forms are created with a certain devotion to details and Peb is proud to design and produce in Italy. This is the first real collection by the PEB guys and it’s an ensamble that will conquer casual , and less casual, men.

Trousers can be simple and very well cut, but it’s the top part which is the real game, the point of attraction .  Comfortable and well done, tee shirts are embellished with precious Hawaii printed textiles.  One button jackets are destructed to be comfortable and wore every moment. Comfort is also the word for the outerwear jackets with diversified length on the back that gives a new twist to the classic parka and to the masculine silhouette. Fleeces and sweaters, Peb’s pièces de résistance, are soft and warm with inserts, baggy necks, precious buttons and double materials paired to astonish with grace. The color palette ranges from neutral tones; such as white and grey through cream until a several shades of blue and light blue. Who has said that simplicity and timelessness are boring is, once again, mistaken.