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Posted on December 9, 2013 by Luisa Fazio

It can be a missile, a glider or a helicopter. It can dart in every direction changing  suddenly curse, putting into reverse without turning around. It can climb and descend vertically, planar, and even remain stationary in the air. The dragonfly is an old flying machine. Thanks to the Odonata, for instance, our plane flights have become safer. Once, the wings of airplanes coming into vibration would  crack. It is said that entomologists and engineers realized that it was necessary to weight the wings towards the end. In the same way in which dragonflies used an anti-vibration device. At the bottom of each wing there is, a stabilizer, a ballast of their hemolymph. They are healthy carriers of  gene inspiring  great works of genius. Shouldn’t we give this insect a patent? These amazing air acrobats, couple while flying. The male grasps with its prehensile appendages  at the extremity of its abdomen, the front chest of the female. The receptive female bends its abdomen forward to reach the male organ. Going beyond all imagination, in a miraculous balance, the two lovers make a lovely and romantic “wedding heart.” Dragonflies are extravagant in love and ravenous eaters. At the same coupling, the “flying gems” continue hunting flying mosquitoes and other insects casually, as if nothing had happened. It is as if it were a thing that you can do even if you are making love. As the English would say: brilliant and multitasking insects! As the French would say: Son Altesse imperial, l’Empereur Napoleon!