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Posted on December 3, 2015 by admin

Dear Girl I,

I know, time passes but it doesn’t really matter. It is always yesterday when you do really care about someone.

Thank you for calling me your boy, I’m absolutely feeling like a teenager again and my passion for Mickey Mouse socks and Peanuts tee shirts had never been so burning.

I have been thinking about you last week while I was on a queue to enter the New York Dover Street Market. There was so many young people and  they were all there for the Supreme X Comme Des Garçons collection (on sale). They were all so cute, so fresh and they had a passion. I mean it was like us some years ago queuing for an event in Milan. The Harlows, the two of us. Do you remember? Do you remember that day we didn’t queue and skipped three fashion shows to go eat a pasta? Because we were starving and because chatting and talking was much more important than all the fuzz. Do you? Well I think we were just magic, just the best bloggers in town. I love us… and bloody hell if I want to dance with you mate. Let’s waltz!



Ps For the occasion I will probably wear pictured 2011 jacket by Comme Des Garçons x Supreme. 😉