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Posted on February 3, 2014 by Luisa Fazio

The exhibition Naturalia, Artificialia and Mirabilia is a contemporary twist of artist Antonia Ciampi. Until March the 30th in the “little house of owls ” of Villa Torlonia, visitors will discover a dreamlike, rarefied, poetic and mysterious atmosphere, thanks to the artist’s “drawers of memory”: an archive of natural elements set in glass cases, memories of past emotions. Leaves, feathers and nests, twigs, dried flowers, pebbles, shells, sometimes combined with lead, mirrors, canvas, foam rubber. Her works express the encounter between art, men, nature and the size of border between reality and dream. In perfect harmony with the positive symbolism of the owl (a yellow-eyed rapace stylized on the deco–styled–little-house). The house was formerly chosen by Prince Giovanni Torlonia Jr as his residence. The owl (Athene noctua) does not show at night, it remains all day in his corner in a pensive attitude, meditative emblem and symbol of the boundary between real life and esoteric dimension. Archivio dei Sogni is a deep sensory journey, a dream.