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Posted on November 7, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

The first time I saw this signature piece by Carhartt, I fell in love. There were no places here in Italy to buy this rigid, “strange” hooded sweater. Thank god I flew to New York a month later and the so wanted item was found at “What Comes Around Goes Around”. Apres moi, le boom. It was 1994 when “Work In Progress” initiated a distribution network for Carhartt across Europe, introducing a selection of classic products from the original work wear range into a new market. Success was immediate; the authentic Carhartt products quickly became popular with both fans of traditional US heritage garments and with the nascent European urban culture scene. Carhartt was part of the uniform adopted by Brit Pop, Club Culture and Rave followers. It was more than a brand, it was a way of living. Every young man was wearing something from Carhart. Durable, light and unexpensive, that hooded thermo sweat kept  me the warmest boy even when it was very cold outside. I was maybe dancing in a silk Gucci shirt, but my Cararth jacket was always waiting for me at the loackroom. After so many years in the market the Car-Lux is still one of my favourites items. Enriched in colours and prints, it is something I would copy-buy forever. Forever.