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Posted on November 12, 2012 by admin

In New Zeland, two families have been locked in a dispute that started in the 50’s. Depending from where you come from, these casual footwear are called differently; flip-flops are a common type of footwear. They are a thin rubber sole with two straps running in a Y shape from the sides of the foot to the gap between the big toe and all the other toes. They are usually used at the beach or outdoor. In India and Pakistan are immensely popular and called Hawaii chappal. In Australia they are commonly known as Thongs, in New Zeland are Jandals, whilst in UK and the USA as Flip-flops. Whether you call them flip flops, thongs, slippers or slides, they are simple flat footwear of summer. But who invented them? The modern flip flop was perfected as New Zealand beachwear by Morris Yock, who filed for the patent in 1957. The footwear became instantly popular when flip flops were worn by the Australian Olympic swim team in 1956. In that same period, an  England-raised businessman, John Cowie, had started a plastics manufacturing business in Hong Kong creating a plastic version of the Japanese wooden sandals. New Zealander Morris Yock imported from John Cowie and Co. and claimed the concept as his own. John Cowies’ children say that their father have invented the name Jandal from a shortened form of ‘Japanese Sandal’. John Cowie and family emigrated to New Zealand in 1959. Whoever the inventor really was or has been,with hundreds of styles and in hundreds of colors flip flops have been created for any occasion and taste. Cheap and easy to slide on and off, flip flops are a key part of any wardrobe for men, women and kids. Bring it on with the kiwi!