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Posted on June 17, 2013 by Teresa Cannata'

A bit of glitter has never hurt anyone, right? This is so much true when times are dark and you feel you need something to cheer you up. As for me, I will always praise the woman who has been literally spreading the word of glitter in recent years. I’m referring to Lynn Chrisman, the creator of the indie nail polish brand Lynnderella, whose creative adventure is a constant source of magic. Talismans and Birthstones is the brand’s latest, exciting collection – 13 shades paying homage to precious and semi-precious stones, each one symbolizing a different month (plus a wild card).

lynnderella_garnetamethystGarnet Grace (on the left) is January’s nail polish: a clear base packed full of red, burgundy and purple glitters in different sizes, plus green and orange microglitter. Amethyst Devotion refers to February: the fascinating sparkling of the purple stone is translated into purple and lavender glitters, plus touches of magenta and red, in a clear base.

lynnderella_aquamarinediamondAquamarine Calm is the nail polish for those who were born in March: a turquoise-shimmered clear base contains an incredible array of cyan glitters in different shapes and sizes and tiny holographic silver stars. This one is amazing over blackDiamond Light is for April: clear-based, it’s a complex mix of silver and pink dots and microglitters with a holographic effect. It looks beautiful on cool-based colours, but I would wear it on a silver or white base.

lynnderella_emeraldmoonstoneEmerald Hope is a homage to May’s birthstone and is a stunning combination of emerald green glitters in different shapes, silver stars and heart-shaped glitters. Moonstone Magic  – June’s nail polish – is definitely among my favourites. I love moonstones and I think this shade really captures their romantic and melancholic beauty. It has a blue-shimmered clear base and it’s full of white moons and stars, white and blue iridescent glitters, tiny holographic silver stars and rainbow dust. Magic in a bottle.

lynnderella_rubyperidotRuby Passion is for July: it shows magenta, red, purple and rose glitters in a pink-shimmered clear base. On the other hand, Peridot Power is for August: the clear base sparkles with neon yellow and lime hexagonal glitters, chartreuse glitters and green microglitters.

lynnderella_sapphireopalIf you love blue nail polishes as I do, you’ll fall in love with Sapphire Starfire, a homage to September’s birthstone: a blue-shimmered clear base contains a blue microglitter mix, star-shaped glitters included. Opal Intuition is for October and beautifully renders the mysterious rainbowy shade of opals: it has blue, green and orange iridescent glitters, neon pink and lilac holographic microglitters in a blue-shimmered base.

lynnderella_carneliantopazKarma Carnelian is the wild card of the collection. Carnelian is not a birthstone but it’s always been used for talismans and amulets for its magic and healing properties. It’s thought to be a strong protection against evil influences and a symbol of true love. The shade is an explosion of red and orange glitters in a shimmering translucent red-orange base. Topaz Optimism is for November: it’s made of gold and yellow glitters in a clear base. The gold tone is emphasized when it’s applied on a black base.

TanzaniteI’ve saved Tanzanite Truth (December) for last because it’s a stunner, probably my favourite shade of the collection. It’s made of blue violet, purple and blue glitters in a multi-shimmered clear base. Once again, it looks spectacular on black. It’s one of those shades you can never get tired of, thanks to its iridescent complexity.

I was born in May, so my nail polish should be Emerald Hope, but I’d wear Moonstone Magic and Tanzanite Truth, too. And you? Have you picked your birthstone varnish yet?

Lynnderella nail polishes are available on eBay and at Norway Nails, the only online store which sells them in Europe.