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Posted on September 5, 2014 by Editorial Staff

Polaroids, once again, will never loose their allure. The Cathleen Naundorf exhibition at Fahey/Klein Gallery Los Angeles will opens its door on September 11th and it’s a must see for Polaroid fans. Instant shoots of haute couture as you never seen it before. Cathleen Naundrof started her career in the 90ies and traveled all over the world for prestigious publishing houses. In the beginning it was all about photo reportage on ethnic groups, then, after her encounter with Horst P.Horst, Naundorf became interested in fashion photography and that’s when the story started. Living in Paris and having access to Paris Fashion Week’s backstages, in years when nobody really was admitted, permitted this sensitive photographer to create an unique body of work now on view in Los Angeles. A must see.

Photo: Dior Haute-Couture, Summer 2007