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Posted on May 28, 2013 by Isabella Cecconi

Here at The Harlow we think that good ideas should always be rewarded. This project, has been created by brilliant minds. It is called Dispose, it’s a magazine, and to better understand what it is, we asked these guys few questions. We really hope you readers will hop on their web page and have a look. Isn’t it always neat to sneak softly into somebody’s life for just one day?


A project which started with a basic idea of collecting and sharing images where the content is created solely by the contributors. Basically, we distribute throwaway cameras to selected individuals around the world and ask them to shoot the entire camera in a day. We then edit and publish the photos at, offering a unique perspective unto people’s lives.

When did this idea come to your mind?

This idea came about in Spring 2012 when we were brainstorming a way to make a magazine that had a very different way of generating content. Limited by time and money, we thought of different ways to produce original images. We felt that by letting contributors shoot their own portraits, that we would get an honest portrayal of the people, or at least a unique perspective.

What’s photography to you?

Photographs are a way to collect memories and has become an important part of our modern visual language, which is becoming increasingly common and widely used. Today it seems like everyone is a photographer, but the internet and social media is changing the ways and reasons that images are created. Instead of writing about a dinner you had or what friends you saw, you share an photographs. It is becoming a more common form of communication.

How do you select the photographers you publish in each issue?

The criteria varies, there isn’t a fixed pre requisite. It is usually a combination of people we have sought out, and people who have emailed us and asked to contribute. We aim for a balance of different professions, regions of the world, etc. We look for people who have an eye for photography somehow and most importantly have something interesting or unusual to share with us.

Analog or Digital?

Analog for the aesthetic, the process and the element of surprise and digital for the immediacy and convenience. At Dispose, we chose analog because we felt it leveled the playing field for contributors. The limited number of shots in an analogue disposable camera forces the photographer to be more conscious of what photos he/ she chooses to take. It also creates similar tonal qualities that bring all the photos from different contributors together.

What 3 words would you use to describe DISPOSE?

cool fucking project

If you had the possibility to give a camera to someone famous, who would you choose?

Mike Tyson, NEIL YOUNG, Ellsworth Kelly.

Thank you guys, keep on with the great job!….we were wondering…wouldn’t you love to see how a Harlow day works?