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Posted on December 16, 2013 by Luisa Fazio

If we merge two things that have never been together, we get a magnificent aesthetic osmosis. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the creation of his original and unmistakable skull scarf, fashion maison Alexander McQueen lends itself to art. In the meanwhile the artist with the most macabre taste, Damien Hirst donates himself to fashion. This very time, Hirst does not put sharks in formaldehyde or composes black paintings formed by thousands of dead flies. Colonies of butterflies, spiders, beetles, stick insects, leaf insects, worms are repeated symmetrically, populating a light and soft meadowsof of cashmere, silk pongè, chiffon and twill. Capturing eyes will recognize a skull in the background, previously camouflaged. We aren’t facing the classical cataloging of insect with use of entomological pins, this time, it isn’t a natural processe of decomposition. It’s the “Entomology” collection (30 foulards of limited edition) designed by Hirst for the British fashion maison Alexander McQueen. A versatile accessory that can’t fail to delight. A precious gift idea. The only risk: all the people to whom we would like to donate one of these colorful and hypenothical “remnants” may suffer from entomophobia!


damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-scarves-5-960x640 damien-hirst-alexander-mcqueen-scarves-7-960x640