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Posted on October 1, 2012 by Clara G

When I bought this sandals last summer, someone told me “I think I will like them in a couple of years…”  and this is the exact point with Miuccia. She is always working right on the edge, maybe too early for us. She is opening paths. Since the very beginning it has been always like that…and my friend is very clever, he really is.
I discovered this sandals in a picture on a March Issue of  Harpers Bazaar Magazine. They surprised me in a deep way, they seemed extravagant but also desirable with some pop art taste. I can imagine Roy Lichtenstein’s women wearing them, and I love Lichtenstein.
The first idea in my mind was “fire in the asphalt”, to play with fire, to be on fire… how could I resist it? No way, I had to buy them. Walking in the street in them is really funny, everybody is turning around… the can’t believe what they see because these shoes are unreal, they belong to another world, to a comic world I guess. It is strange for me when they ask where did I find them.They are so popular, even too much, but fashion is not in the street as I imagined. I discovered it using iconic pieces in my day to day life. Hardly nobody recognize them even though they are in every magazine and advertising space. Apparently fashion is still for a minority to which I am proud to belong and wearing this Prada sandals is some kind of pizazz that I enjoy a lot !!