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Posted on November 24, 2014 by Clara G

Precious and fragile things need special handling. Hand crafted, made one by one with a laborious shredding technic, precious and fragile. How could I resist this t-shirt? I found a way to wear it reversed (originally the net was thought to be in the front), with that simple decision it has became one of favorite tops. Oversized, a little gothic, with this dramatic effect on the back, it works in summer and winter, day and night. There was something special on it since the beginning. What captured my attention was that vintage effect, the cotton’s touch, the black turning into gray color, the strange proportion. Thin like paper that floats over the body. Working on this post, I found out that the designer Rachel Allegra started using old t-shirts reclaimed from Los Angeles County Prison System and this t-shirt I own belongs to that collections. I am  quite shocked about that. Things get damage, things get broken… and sometimes, only sometimes, they get much better!